Will Project Management Certification Benefits Your Career

Will a Project Management Certification Benefits Your Career

Will a Project Management Certification Benefits Your Career


Let’s say you’re well-qualified in your technical skills—be it Java, programming languages, infrastructure, networks or system administration. Qualifications take time and effort, but as well as learning useful skills, you’re also building confidence—your own and the others’ confidence in your ability to do a great job.

But what if you’re switching from a purely technical role to one that involves managing projects?
Or, having managed IT projects for a while, what if you want to formalize your experience with a relevant project qualification?

There’s a fair amount of choice when it comes to project management credentials. The big one that you’ll hear mentioned again and again is the Project Management Professional®, otherwise known as the PMP. It is a highly sought after certification around the world.

If you are managing a kind of large projects that demand that you put professional processes and documentation into action? Or, it becomes more important for you to have an effective working relationship with your team and good organizational skills? Choosing project management  qualification will help you learn new tools and techniques that your job requires and also reflects on your professional career.

Whether you’re a project management professional or an IT professional who manages projects, knowing how to plan, manage and monitor progress is important and can make the difference between meeting your goals for the year and not. Project management skills will certainly improve your ability to hit deadlines but this skill comes not without training. Your desire to have these skills and know-how lies at your disposal to get the job done and keep progressing in your career goals.

I can’t say whether you personally will find having a project management certification worth it. But in a competitive marketplace, with the pressure for organization and teams to be innovative but with fewer resources and more time pressures, it certainly isn’t going to hurt your career path in any way.

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