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Project Management Master Class (PMP)

Project Management Master Class (PMP)

Everyone practices project management to some degree: Farmers plan what, when, and how they’re going to plant; how they’re going to take care of their crops as they grow; and how and when they’re going to harvest those crops. Parents plan what they’re going to prepare for their children for dinner. (If they have strong project management skills, of course, they delegate things like setting and clearing the table to the kids.) And so on.

In business, project management is an art, a skill, and a demanding full-time job. Project managers (PMs) are key employees in such industries as construction, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and real estate development, but many opportunities for PMs exist outside these areas. In high tech, biotech, or pharmaceuticals, for example, project managers are responsible for launching new products, developing new technologies, and managing alliance programs with strategic partners.

Large corporations such as insurance companies and banks may also hire PMs to manage the implementation of new standards or practices in their many branch offices. Internet companies often look for project managers to oversee site launches or the development of new applications.

Whether a project involves releasing a product, building out a new office site, or launching a rocket, PMs make sure everything comes together in a timely, cost-effective manner-and take the heat if it doesn’t. Their high-profile, high-risk work demands multitasking ability, analytical thinking, and excellent communication skills.

This Master Class comes with the free training on how to use the planning tools of Microsoft Project 2013 and you also get certified as an Accredited Project Manager.Click HERE to download training brief.

Training Takeaway

  1. PMBOK Version 5 (electronic format)
  2. Training Manual
  3. PMP Study /Exam Guide (electronic format)
  4. PMP Exam Simulator with over 8000 practice questions
  5. A concise summary of the processes, process groups, knowledge areas and Mnemonics for memorizing the   ITTO’s (electronic format)
  6. Over 2500 practice questions in portable document format (PDF)
  7. PMP Formulas Exam Study Guide, Pocket Guide and 105 Questions
  8. PMP study guide audio version
  9. PMBOK Version 5 Summary Guide

This Master Class is for 5days. Weekday and Weekend classes.

Project management Training Scheduled Details

Scheduled Date Time Cost
10am – 5pm 70,000 Naira

*Online and Classroom lectures available
Note: *Fee Inclusive of Global Project Management Certification

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